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Government Rules Out Complete Ban On Smacking
October 25, 2007

Smacked_childFollowing a review of the 2004 Children's Act - which says parents who administer a "mild smack" to a child should not be criminalised - the Government will not implement a total ban on smacking.

What do you think? Do you agree that parents should be allowed to strike their children?  Or should the Government rule out any ambiguity over the phrase "mild smack" and ban it completely?

Written by Sky News, October 25, 2007


I'm doing some course work on the current position of corporal punishment, and as a kid I'm horrified at the fact that you woukld even hit the person you love! The more you smack a child, the more the physicalogically damaged the child will be, and they won't see it a a punishment any longer. It would just be a deterant. Their home let alone their won't be their sanctuary as it is supposed to be. I do agree that we do have rowdy teens wandering our streets, but what do you think there home life is like? I can understand what some of you people are saying, but don't you think smacking your child is the culperate of this?

MILD SMACKING!!! A smack is a smack. parents do it to get rid of fustration...they might as well have a punchbag as a child.Have they ever been put in the childs shoes...probably have some personal issues.

smacking is a a godly and loving way of teaching children that wrongdoing????!!!!sort your head out and get a grip..yeah lets smack our kids then everything will be better!! sounds like your the one lacking a brain cell!

With Britain leading the way in Europe and many cases the Western World in social breakdown amongst our children and teens surely anyone with just 1 brain cell should be able to deduce that the decline of our society has gone hand in hand with it's liberalisation. The vast majority of parents that smack their children love them dearly and do so as a last resort. This is not violence against children it is a a godly and loving way of teaching children that wrongdoing in later life has consequences attached to it. we all live in society and cannot just do as we selfishly please.

A total ban on smacking? Well then the government needs to start centres where they can house rebellious disobedient kids and use their vain methods to discipline the children of our society. Take the means out of our hands then you take the responsibility of disciplining our nations children!

The Liberal Tree Hugging don't smack your kids and abolish corporal punisbment brigade, is what is wrong with this country. Because of them when now endure a total break down in discipline and traditional values. You must be proud, you misguided fools.

. If you feel "talking" to them does not seem to be creating "better citizens" then what method do you use? telepathy? It's great that you have good kids and your obviously doing something right without having to smack them, but I think Denise was spot on when she pointed out that the reason why we have so many yobs on the street is not because they haven't been smacked (in fact it's probably the opposite) but it's often because their parents don't give a damn.

I am not necessarily FOR smacking or against it. I know that I have not needed to smack my kids as they are generally pretty good but given extreme circumstances I would not be against using a smack on the legs as punishment. However, what i say is to consider this: Has "talking" to our children and allowing them more independence to make choices at young ages made for a better society. Are our kids more respectful of their parents, more respectful of their teachers, their peers, more willing to help each other, more attentive and kind to the older generation, more tolerant of those less fortunate, calmer and more disciplined in their ambitions to study, work and become successful adults and good parents themselves? Everyone is complaining about "society today" but today's adults are yesterdays children and it seems to me that all discipline and sense of responsibility has evaporated. I am not saying this is all down to not smacking kids or having corporal punishment but "talking" to them and naughty corners does not seem to be creating "better citizens".

I don't think that smacking a child is an effective way to discipline. The message we are giving out by doing so is, if you can't negotiate, then hit out. There are effective ways of disciplining children and instilling repsect without smacking. My daughter is 7 and because of my knowledge of her, i know what will be a good sanction/punishment and am not afraid to use it to discipline her. The reason why we have so many yobs on the street is not becuase they haven't been smacked (in fact it's probably th opposite) but it's often because their parents don't give a damn.

Smacking is a must!

Whether a child is guilty or not, the Bible says 'Spare the rod and spoil the child.' With me, the rod was not spared whether I wasw guilty or not... by a school teacher as well as my dad.

It's not harmed me, mentally or physically. I did nothing wrong then and I don't do now either.

It taught me two things that matter in this world. Discipline matters and 'Life isn't fair so live with it.'

A lot of people today don't know they are born.

I think people who smack their children should be ashamed of themselves. Surely smacking your child would install fear. not respect or discipline. Would you respect someone who smacked you? Or would you be scared? I think smacking your kids is a total cop out of dealing with the situation in a rational manner. Smacking shows you have lost control. It also show's a lack of respect for the person your hitting…smacking SAME THING!!!

every day my 5 year old boys comes home from school saying someone has hit or punched him. He does have the ocassional smack as a last resort but to be honest, the threat of a treat being taken away is more effective. It's my worry that by smacking him I'm saying it's ok to hit someone else, and I think that's clearly what's happening at school. When he is away from schhol during the holidays he is a lot less agressive

I was smacked as a child, some time i think it went to far, but iam a person who stay's the right side of the law, but to be fair i would of with out the smack's, you dont wont to be bad when my mom's sbout.I have children of my own now and they are very well behaved and dont need smacking, I dont like it anyway, but if i think that was the only optsion for me i would do it, but I dont think it is, my children know there bonderies with out them being smacked if we say no to something or dont do that they no they will only be told once and then face an other punishement , but it wont be smacking!smacking promotes smacking, but no disaplin does not mean no smacking, !!!!!!!!!!

We should smack children precisely because they are children.Treat children as you would a puppy who needs house training, with discipline and love.I want other people to be able to respect,listen to and love my children and this will only happen if my children respect and listen to others.

I think smacking a child is vital ! Beating is completely different and therefore should be banned but smacking your child as punishment is important because it is all part of discipline and recognising respect! Everyday we hear and see disrespectable kids who do not even know how to speak to their own parents ,let alone strangers... I even think the cane should be legal..There is a saying , 'if you cant hear it ,you got to feel it!

a smack on the bottom or back legs will do no harm...

It's hard to say what the right thing to do is.
I got smacked when I was young and I agree it put manners on me and I thought twice about doing something naughty however I feel there is a thin line between smacking and abuse I feel personally that at times it wa a little extreme in my upbringing but then today when you tell a child not to do something there answer is " what you gonna do about it" and they have a point! The naughty step can only work for so long !

Speaking as a child myself, I agree with parents being able to discipline their children.
I dont agree with child abuse and it is people like that, that are stopping caring parents from disciplining for their own good.
As a child myself, whenever I misbehaved or did not listen to what my parents said, I got warned to behave and if I didnt listen, I got a smack on the bottom/leg.
Me personally, I thank my parents for bringing me up to have respect for others and for caring enough to teach me right from wrong.
My parents have never harmed me, but i know kids that have been abused by their parents and it isnt nice to see, but i do agree with a little discipline for the right reasons.

To be able to bring up children, especially in todays world, parents need to be able to discipline their children. There have to be boundaries, rules, sanctions and the ultimate discipline (a smack on the backside or leg).
There is far too much do-goodery around today and not enough good old fashioned common sense. The problem is of course the child abusers and the ones who take things too far where children are concerned.
The truth of the matter is, discipline and repercussions for bad behaviour when not corrected at an early age, cause untold problems at home, school and later on in life. If you do not instill respect and a sense of what is right and what is wrong in a child,and demonstrate this with sensible discipline measures, then the child will most definately grow up to be one of the many disruptive, irresponsible and anti social ******** that we see in Society today.
There is an old saying that goes like this, and never a truer saying:
"Spare the rod and ruin the child"
I,m not suggesting we should all buy a rod to hit our children with, but I am suggesting that sometimes it is right to physically discipline a child that has ignored all other attempts to control their behaviour. My kids have all, at one time or another, received a short, sharp shock (smack on the bottom), and my kids have all turned out to be decent, respectful individuals and have suffered no ill effects from parental discipline.

Hitting is WRONG! From reading many of the comments posted on this site it seems that many are in favour of hitting children. How is this so. Yes, i understand that it may put the adult back in control of a situation and teach the child a lesson but, who or what gives an adult the right to beat their child. this subject stretches far into many aspects of life, such as schooling. Why is a child meant to stand there, in front of a fully grown adult, and expected to let themselves be hit without being able to defend themsleves? but surely if we are to losen the the laws regarding smacking children, we are enabling smacking to be taken way too far. some parents may start to make smacking a common punishment, punishing the child for petty things.

There are many different ways to punish a child so why resort to such extreme and inhumane tactics. Why should children be scared? children should have a calm life, with punishments which take away their most valued things, such as sweets. surely these techniques are much more effective than to smack your child? All that smacking teaches children is that because someone is beigger and stringer than you, it means they must know more than you. This is wrong.

Saying that just because smacking your child, means that they will not commit crimes in future is ludacris. There has been crime around for centuries, even when punishments such as caning and smacking were prevelant. So what is it that makes people say this. surely they are not delving into the complex political and socila factors that would cause a person to commit crime. If a person was in extreme poverty and had no source of income. the only way that person would be able to gain food, would be to steal from people. For all in all we are a democracy and not an authoritarian state. So why should we act like it to children?

well said dennis from herts... u are so right.. if our army navy and airforce went for mr browns way of disciplin ... we would have a very weak country... but he is content for it to be ok on our streets... we are a great nation due to the disciplin that was given too those who came before... Labour and their cotton wool ideas have changed our childrens youth. protect the children..always.. beating a child is a crime..but smacking a child with a open hand for a short sharp shock never harmed any child, or me, it stopped me from misbehaving... i used smacking as a final disciplin only... i didn,t have too after 9yrs old for my daughter and 7 for my son... they grew up with respect and love for family and community... my daughter works.. married with 2 children and they support themselves.. my son grew up and followed the family into our great armed forces... now if smaking does that for two children.. what could it do for our future children/grandchildren ... you only have to look at BRAT CAMP and BAD LADS ARMY to prove what it can do...u may not win them all but all will be affected by the disciplin in one way or another... and with disciplin comes friendship.. loyalty... love and freedom.

From what I see round many town centres most of the chav type mums are so overweight and unfit from smoking their fags (that we pay for)that they could not even catch their kids let alone smack them and as for the Fathers well smacking would mean putting down the T.V. remote or maybe spilling a can of Lager, come to think of it they could always get the takeaeay delivery man to do the smacking.

If Pete Docherty got more smack he'd be back in court and then released again the very next day.

It makes a mockery out of our whole judicial system. The freedom of those who can afford it!

What a baby-shambles.

As Children my brother and I were smacked and caned both at home and school, we were taught good manners and respect towards others and property. Too extreme we agree but it worked!
Our younger sister was brought up without such discipline and was always in trouble, her children are the ones you hear screaming and showing off in supermarkets.
My own children were brought up with smacking, from the age of 6 I only needed to speak with them.
They are now 16 and 14, and get very embarrassed when people tell us how lucky we are to have such lovely polite hard working children,

its not luck!

Before we get onto the topic of smacking, should we not try to learn to spell. Boo to the person who thinks that "regularily" is a word. It is, believe it or not, "REGULARLY".

when my parent's were growing up if they did anything wrong they were given a slap on back of legs and knew not to do it again. now if a parent raises a hand to discipline a child for e.g breaking a window, theft they are threatend with a fine or court. the reason why kids are running riot in towns is there parents being stopped from disciplining them from an early age due to the law brought in by a goverment who were brought up being disciplined themselves for any wrong doing's. BUT I MUST ADD THERE IS LINE BETWEEN DISCIPLINING AND CHILD BEATING. CHILD BEATING NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOT DISCIPLINING.

As an ignorant immigrant, can someone please explain how the gov't was planning to enforce a ban on smacking?? CCTV in homes? neighbors spying on each other?

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