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Secure About Airport Security?
October 29, 2007

350dullesairport British MP Shahid Malik - the country's first Muslim minister - is annoyed at his treatment at Dulles Airport in Washington.

Mr Malik, who was returning from a meeting about terrorism, says he and two other Muslim passengers were singled out to be stopped and searched.

Is he right to be concerned or is possibly discriminatory treatment an unfortunate result of the 'war on terror'?

Tell us what you think - and what experiences have you had of airport security in the US or elsewhere?

Written by Sky News, October 29, 2007


Mr Malik, and all the other wingers;
take a reality pill, i travel to the US frequently, i have the correct visas and have been made fully aware that i pose a (low)security risk.
i accept this and i accept the very little delays this incurs.
only one homeland security officer has ever been 'difficult' with me, all the others have been professional if a little clinical.let them do their jobs, and if you do not pose a threat you'll be left to continue on your travels.

When you find your chicken coop full of dead chickens, you don't go out shooting rabbits do you?
Until Muslims themselves clean out the terrorists in their midst then they must expect to be picked out for extra scrutiny.
What annoys me most is that they move to the Western world, bring terrorism with them and then complain asking for the West to change its ways and culture. Britain, unlike the US, simply bows to their demands in the name of political correctness.

I think it would have been more worrying had they not stopped him. I got stopped in manchester airport for a "random" bag search, I do have a foreign look to me but I took no offense the guy was perfectly nice about it and put me back in the queue in the same place so whats the problem!

I'm heading off to the USA in a couple of weeks, and a friend who travels there often had already warned me, long before this story broke, that the US immigration and security people would treat me as a criminal on entry to their country regardless of being quite clearly a white, middle-class Brit.

Mind you i was warned of the exact same attitudes when i last visited the USA in 1994, so suppose forewarned is forearmed.

I have travelled to the USA several times. I am white and have an English passport. On several occasions I have been singalled out and searched, but also in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.
This is just a case of "EGO".
Mr Malik needs to shut up and let them get on with their jobs. If someone gets on to a plane with something they should not, he would also complain.
I have got used to the fact that when travelling alone or with colleagues I often get stopped. Sometimes, I do and they do not and somtimes vice versa, but I do not complain, because they have a job to do, and if you are OK with them, then they are generally very polite and try to be as understanding as possible.
To Mr Malik I say welcome to everybody elses world as a result of Muslim Extreemism, maybe you should be taking more time to deal with extreemeists, so that there will be no need for these checks!!
It is easy to complain, it is more difficult as an over paid politician to move your bum and do something about it!!

Airport security is a joke,I feel safer on the plane but not in the airport.Huge ques caused waiting to pass through security,any would be bomber could take out more people in the airport terminal pre-security point than ever on a plane.And as for no sharp objects-thats a laugh when its ok to go into duty free & buy a couple of GLASS bottles of booze & take on the plane.Easy smashed & then can be used as a weapon.Of course they don't stop that as it would lead to closing the duty free-thats money and far more important than safety !.

Does Mr Malik think that this only concerns Muslim's? I have travelled all over the world including many middle East Hot Spots. Do i, as the only Westerner in the Terminal speak out when i am singled out for a security check?not at all.In fact it gives me some form of satisfaction that these countries adopt the measures that they deem necessary to take.Waken up Mr Malik,get with the real world,would you be so forceful with your reaction if you were not an MP,somehow i think not. The world has changed recently Mr Malik,Wellcome.

To quote the famous Homer J Simpson (Sunday's episode): "Commercial aircrafts are for losers and terrorists".
Single out which group of people are most LIKELY to commit terrorism and prevent it. Simple.

MP Shahid Malik is annoyed is he? Tell me, how many terrorist attacks in recent times have been commited by people (I use the term very loosley) who weren't muslims? Tar and Brush I don't care....It all boils down to muslims.

john in bristol
the police are not too frightened to tackle the gangs, they leave them to 'cancel' each other out, afterall you all want immigration numbers-legal or illegal down don't you?

Well, the chicken is coming to roost. Mr Malik might be upset about Muslims being singled out and searched in the USA, but I can assure him, that the USA couldn't care less. It's simply of their on making. In fact, I don't think any UK Muslim arriving in the USA is allowed in. Recently, I went to Miami, and I must confess that the Immigration over there are not pussy futting with the UK Muslims. Can't say, I don't blame the USA. In fact I would refuse entry to many, not all Muslims, especially from Pakistan.(No offence, but they even tried to kill their own Prime Minister in waiting, and approx. 140 Muslims got killed in the process). It doesn't give you any confidence at the port of entry, anywhere in the Western World.

Personally, I think people need to get over it!

Whilst I personally haven't been targetted for special searching, I think that in the climate we're in people have to recognise there are a number of legitimate "high risk" groups of people, which is not limited to ethnic minorities. Only the other month I read a report from Gerry Adams about him being singled out on trips to the US.

In order to maintain global security this is a necessary evil we must endure. Those who are innocent have nothing to fear from this and should realise that there are legitimate reasons why certain groups are singled out...

I lived in saudi arabia from 2000-2003 and so witnessed the fall out of the 9/11 tragedy from both sides of the oceans. I travel very frequently and have been pulled out of the check in queue and searched on numerous occasions (I am a small, white female) and lately I have also been stopped with my baby and toddler. i wish it did not have to be this way but I think Mr Malik a) should not find himself exempt from checking just because of his status and b) should be grateful (as should everyone else)that these checks are happening. I think if you could have asked all the people on board the aircrafts on 9/11 if they would have wanted tighter security before baording their planes, even if it meant irritating a few flyers (and Mr Malik) I think we all know what their answer would be. And PS to those that say it's muslims so we should only pull out muslim looking people, the shoe bomber's mother was WHITE and father Jamaican so he did not fit that "stereo-type", hence why the checks are randomised.

Mr Malik seems to typify the arrogance of those we elect to seemingly represent (NOT rule us).Governments are directly responsible for this situation we now find ourselves in.Governments are the ones who introduce ever increasing 'security measures' to combat the very threat they have created by their actions.Yet woe betide when a Member of the Govt is subjected to those measures.How very dare they seems to be the attititude.Its hypocrasy of the highest order,but then we should be used to that by now

Last August, following the major terror alert about carrying liquids, I flew from Heathrow to Kenya. I was asked to take of my baseball hat as I passed through security, but a lady wearing traditional dress, with a hat that looked as though it was staight from a Karmen Marenda opera, was not !

My husband, my two young children and I were stopped and quite heavily searched departing Manchester Airport last summer on a domestic flight to Heathrow. We knew that the search was important, despite our skin, eye and hair colour (typical Aryan). My mother was stopped in Amsterdam and searched, and even had a bottle of wine taken from her which was sealed at duty free. I agree with the searches, but in my opinion, some airport security staff use it as an excuse to exert authority over the travellers, since my mother was treated very badly.

Well done USA job very well done.! This Man and his friends clearly needed looking at far more closely by the US security services. If it where here, he would be crying about this in Parliament, who knows he could even try and claim asylum on his return to the UK and with "all the free benefits" his government give these people, a New Home for a start. A look at the C4 Dispatches program about asylum seekers by Jon Snow, and getting £30,000 per year, would be a great start for him. Make sure he and his "Mates" don't speak any English. This way they are unable to work, thus claiming the lot....for ever!!!!!.

My heart bleeds !!
Obviously Mr.Malik now considers himself above what the rest of us have to endure at the world's airports. But why should we be surprised,he now thinks he's important!!! We are all so tired of the "seige mentality".

I will say security first even long before discrimination, and please remember that most of airport security breach ( about 88% I believe Muslim ) was in fact done by Muslims. So please wake up to reality Mr Malik.

I also know through own experience and talking to people that the security staff at some airports in the US are low paid angry people and not to well trained to do a good job

This just goes to show that national and international security in regards to "potential" terrorism is being taken seriously. Whether you are pink, green, blue or polka dot skinned, the same rules apply. I for one feel comforted by the fact that security is getting tighter. All you complainers, think logically for a minute and face facts because as previously mentioned on this page, certain kinds of people (muslims for example) are obviously going to be more likely to be security searched than others, why you may ask, just look back at 911 or the bombings in london (and the rest of the world for that matter). I am not a racist and I do not judge people by their colour or religous beliefs, but I do have eyes in my head and I can see what is happening around. It is a sign of the times that means more threats lead to more security checks. Surely thats good (unless you have something to hide that is!)

Mr Malik
I sincerely hope you are beginning to understand what the average person has to contend with, due to these terrorists wanting to kill. Its about time you and your fellow MPs got off your backsides and found out what is going on in the real world.

Stop pontificating and complaining and do something about what is really happening outside of the House of Commons. We have to live with these problems all the time and do not complain, unlike you. Don't not forget the adage 'If you don't like the heat get out of the kitchen'& find somewhere else to cook

Airport security is a joke.
Late for an early morning flight, I accidentally picked up my wife's new biometric passort. The passport was examined and scanned at two major UK airports. I walked through.
I regularly leave my cigarette lighter in my hand luggage. It's never been questioned.
And yet we all get delayed. What's the point?

Well Mr Malik I am a security officer at Heathrow airport and I can assure you that regardless of race, colour, creed and suited or not we are trained to stop and search those who we believe may propose a threat to security.
Surely your time would be better used fighting against terrorism instead of creating further division between all concerned, but please remember that the first major airport security breach was in fact caused by Muslims......

Please can the British politician stop moaning and get into the REAL world us mortals live in, we all will be stopped and searched at some point, but this politician seems to want to make it a racist incident out of it, typical NEW LABOUR !!, i WAS a labour pupporter, not any longer!!

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