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Calling All Uniforms - Do You Get Abuse?
March 07, 2008

Men and women of the RAF based at Wittering have been told not to wear their uniforms around Peterborough when off-duty.

Why? Apparently because there had been some complaints of insults from civilians in the town opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This morning the PM stepped into the row:  Gordon Brown said members of Britain's armed forces should be encouraged to wear their uniforms in public.

Today we want to hear from servicemen and women:  How does your unform go down in public?

Written by Sky News, March 07, 2008


David Letton

Just how is the British Army protecting us poor civvies by fighting in Afghanistan when 1,000,000's of Afghans, Iraqi's, Iranians, Saudi's & Pakistani's have illegally entered Britain; all, whereabouts unknown even though most of them claim benefits for their multiple wives and tribes of kids.

I think both Nu-Lab & British Army 'master intelligence security services espionage division' (MISSED) have incompetently overlooked something that is patently obvious to everyone else.

amajority of my collegues in the armed forces have now come to resent the civilian population of the uk and are now arranging for all our families to leave the uk alltogether in our opinion the uk no longer exists it has become the protectorite of the taliban and other terrorist groups under the protection of the pc brigade and the human rights groups the uk civilians no longer deserve to be protected by the armed forces and i suggest they get there friends in the taliban to give them the protection they
need from scotland to the south of england you are all wasters

In relation to Ben Nevis, I agree to an extent. I'm not proud to be 20 in this Britain. I go out with my friends and we're lucky if we don't see a Police Officer or a drunk male/female passed out in Piccadilly Gardens. I have been involved with the Navy Cadets and the TA and have been on the receiving end of McDonalds milkshakes being thrown, other sorts of garbage in Oldham Bus Station and chased down the street in Manchester. From wearing a TA uniform! I'm 20 years old and I have more respect for a person then half of the people my age. I think that simple fact is horrid. I'd never contemplate stabbing anyone or kicking someone to death. Britain is a horrible place to be young in. Give it ten years and I'll be living in Canada.

All our service boys and girls should wear their uniforms in public with pride.Our service people are great and do a difficult and dangerous job with distinction. Whether an individual agrees or disagrees with the current combat areas is irrelevant with regard to our service people...If you disagree with the wars take it up with the politicians and vote them out of office..dont blame the squaddies....shame on ben nevis

I served in the Army for 14 years and wore my uniform when doing business out of the barracks; I served in several countries around the world and did not receive any adverse comments about my uniform which I was proud to wear.
Obviously some people do not understand that the armed forces exist to promote the safety & security of their country. Perhaps if some of these idiots who have a problem with the uniforms were to experience life under fire or under attack from people who want to kill them then they would realise that the forces should be able to wear their uniform when out of barracks and not be insulted by idiots

I have never been in the armed services but I do have a strong viewpoint on this; should I be proud of the current service personnel when they wear the uniform? The answer is no, why should I?

Although my family roots are very firmly in Western Scotland I do not feel British, why should I? Britain is now a country filling up with foreigners; I didn’t vote for this so I have been disenfranchised.

In an irony you couldn’t invent, terrorists from the countries we invade are welcomed into Britain with every conceivable benefit, costing me more money and reducing my freedoms, again I am being disenfranchised.

For centuries the armed services have had friction with the British public, World War 1 and World War 2 being the exceptions when British people were fighting for their very survival.

I see too many squaddies speeding through my village at 60-70mph in their trashy double exhaust black windowed beat-box booming cars, thinking they are Tom Cruise flying an F-14 Tomcat, not caring about the safety or sensitivity of the local population. I have seen too many foul mouthed squaddies on trains, trains packed with men, women and children, having to listen to their ignorant obscenities; too many squaddies urinating in peoples drives and causing mayhem in the early hours of the morning. Lets not forget, behind the smart uniforms and parade ground drill our armed services have been accused of endemic bullying and even murder, within their own ranks.

And what about the senior officers of the armed services, the Captain of the Cornwall, a Royal Navy battleship whose personnel were captured by Iranian inflatables! These senior officers cannot even organise basic safety equipment for their men; we can spend billions translating everything into Polish and Pakistani but we cannot afford or organise body armour for our troops, its farce!

Who are the forces fighting against anyway? The same people we are fighting abroad have swamped Britain. I didn’t vote to send British forces along on George W. Bush’s cover-up; the armed forces are fighting a war they can never win. I know Bush and Bliar and now McClown say the front-line is Afghanistan but that’s all the more reason to believe that it isn’t, let the Afghans drift back to their goat-bone chewing ennui.

To my disenfranchised view, the army is not a British army, there is no Britain; the army is a policy extension of the Blair/Brown partnership and should be called the Granita Army.

Am I British? Theoretically I am as British as anyone could claim to be.

Am I proud of being British? No.

Do I ‘feel’ British? No.

Do I respect a British military uniform? No, because I do not know what British is anymore and whatever Britain actually is, or is going to be, I am a white middle class hard-working tax-payer and therefore I am clearly not part of the plan.

In relation to Lesley post.

That would be seen as racism is it was an asian,black person.

So why call it BIGOTRY when infact its RACISM AT ITS BEST.

I bet the media never covered it either cos the victim was not of ethnic minority.

The abuse of our Servicemen and Women is a insult to all of us who believe in British values and way of life.We now hear that the Students Union at University College London has banned Armed Forces from recruiting,The only reason these idiots are able to study in a free country is because a lot of Servicemen and Women gave up their lives.If they are the future heaven help us. !!!!!!.

I am British, my husband is an American US Air Force sergent. People have approached my husband in Walmart to shake his hand and thank him for wearing his uniform, (he was in uniform at these times), the American people are so behind their service-people even if they do not support the wars in Iraq. I am disgusted that British people are not behind our troops. I feel ashamed to be a Brit.

I am a Brit and was on a plane this week in the USA, they applauded two returning servicemen as they boarded the plane - over the top patriotism or just respectful and appreciative of what is going on and what these men and women are doing. Time for us to have some patriotism and respect in the UK!

I support our service personnel 100% and couldn't even begin to imagine many of them have seen.

Although, I always remember a single incident whilst as a student in conversation with another student we were abused and spat upon by either marines or squaddies (I can't remember). All of them in uniform.

Something against lazy/ smelly/ leftie students one assumes! Not a great example to set a young lad considering joining the Forces at the time!

Anyway I hadn't thought about it until today's news. We all support you so wear your uniform with pride but show some common respect on Civvy Street whilst you do.

I have to say that i'am absolutely disgusted with the attitude of some people in this country. As a civilian, i have nothing but respect and admiration for our armed forces personnel.
I thought that the recent incidents of soldiers being goaded or abused was a relatively new phenomenon closely associated with the emmergence of feral and feckless yobs we seem to be producing as a nation today, but this clearly isn't the case! And who will these really 'brave' scumbags turn to if the country finds itself directly threatened by an aggressor nation?
People may not neccessarily agree with the conflicts our armed forces are currently engaged in, but that is absolutely no reason to abuse the soldiers/sailors/airmen for simply doing the dirtywork for our backstabbing and spineless government!

Keep your chins up lads/lasses, your doing a great job!

I'm from Newcastle but now live in Peterborough and I'm ashamed of this town if these allegations are true. All service men and women should be PROUD to wear the uniform and I'd like to thank you for all the work you do.
If I ever see a service man or woman in this town I shall shake them by the hand.

My son is currently serving in Afghanistan. He, his troop and all armed forces are proud of their status and have earned the right to wear British forces uniforms with pride.
We as a family group are very proudof him and would have thought anyone 'choosing' to live in the UK would be of the same opinion.

Our Servicemen and Women abused.
Our Nurses and Doctors attacked and abused
Our Firefighter attacked while trying to do their job.
Paramedics having to wear stab vests.
Police Officers shot and killed.
Teachers attacked and abused every day.
Even the ordinary Council worker having to get a Police escort to carry out work on certain estates.
Welcome to ( ) well its no longer England,United Kingdom, Britain, I just cant think of a suitable name for or country now maybe you can.

I have done more than 24 years service and have finaly called it a day. One of the main reasons for my decision is my increasing frustration and disgust with the general attitude and treatment that servicemen and women recieve by the British "general" public. People need to get their heads out of the clouds and look at the sacrifices that some of these people have made. Servicemen/women do not expect or ask for glory, however repect and a certain amount of gratitude would not go amiss. These attitudes must be addressed before more dedicated, loyal and hard working servicemen/women call it a day, a veiw that is widley held within the British forces.

Having donned the uniform, al beit whilst with the Air Cadets,I was proud to represent this nation of ours and would encourage those hurling such abuse to either leave by the nearest port or otherwise stop this {Status Quo]. If it were not for these brave men and women [In The Army Now] our lives would be full of further misery as is evident within many a middle eastern country.
I salute the professional side of the forces and hope the callous individuals that bring shame on our nation do not get to meet them when they are on duty. So, say sorry & thankyou!

New people moved into the estate I live in, turned out to be a couple who had been previously been based in Germany with the SDG's, the husband being a Staff Sgt at that time, to begin with the neighbours treated them okay, I became very close to the couple and their two kids, who were a delight but as time went on, the kids started to get bullied and when it got so bad that the parents had to speak to the parents of the kids concerned things turned really really nasy, at one point my friend was told to get back to Germany where they belonged, the abuse carried in from there with others on the estate joing in, the result being the couple sold up when the husband was called back to Germany, his wife and kids were supposed to stay but due to the hasttle and abuse, decided best to move the whole family. I have never witnessed such bigotry in all my life towards anyone, simply because they wore a soldiers uniform but my friends assure me that it is nothing new. What an insult, we expect these guys and woman to go and fight for us then treat like dirt when they come back, these people should be ashamed, really really ashamed who treat anyone in uniform in such a way

This has been happening for a long time, whilst preparing for a freedom parade we were verbally taunted and spat on. I walk to work in my uniform and am often scoffed at and rudely commented to.

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