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March Cold Snap - Join Our Weather Reporting Team
March 03, 2008

March is meant to mean Spring, but there's not much evidence of that today as a new cold snap sweeps Britain.

We'd like you to help us build the nationwide picture on this story.

Let us know what it's like where you are, and how it's effecting travel on the roads and rail.

If you have any pictures, upload them to, and email us your video!

Written by Sky News, March 03, 2008


Very cold and windy but no snow unfortunately

When i woke up it was completely white and that is unussal for us we never get this sort of weather.

Very Chilly!!!

we NEVER get snow in bognor, such a shame for all the kids.
Just one big heavy rain shower this afternoon at about 14.30. dry as a bone now.

it's quite chilly here in manchester, no snow, just hail and a bit of rain with sunny intervals.

we have no snow

Its lovely & [Sunny-Boney M] with a slight chill in the air. Having had my jaw seen to travel is at your pleasure, although up north storms are brewing Kev!

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