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The March Storms - What's It Like Where You Are?
March 10, 2008

BlogweatheryourstoriesAs high winds and heavy rains batter Britain today we're turning to you to help us put together the fullest national picture possible.

Tell us what it is like where you are.  We'll put your observations on an interactive map throughout the day.

Written by Sky News, March 10, 2008


I get sick to death of you news people spelling things incorrectly. Here's your blunder:
"The craft is the second ship to flounder in 24 hours - a ferry ran aground off the coast of Blackpool on Thursday night after being hit by a freak wave."
You should know that a "FLOUNDER" is a flatfish and that vessels "FOUNDER"!
At Trinity House Navigation School, we were punished by the rope-end for getting it wrong!

What's going on? We were forcast to get the worst of the weather here in south wales yesterday, but nothing more than a light breeze blew through. Today however is a different story. It was forcast that the north would get most of the bad weather today, but it has been blowing a strong gust here all day. Maybe the weathermen got the days mixed up lol.

It has been blowing a gale here since around 2am, we have had some very heavy rain and it is bitterly cold. Thank heavens we have a lovely fire!!

portland in dorset is cut off tonite the beach rd has been breeched for the first time in years, leaving hundreds of people stranded on a354 backed up into weymouth,travel chaos backing up into weymouth,many may spend night in cars

What was all the fuss about i mean come off it there was alot of fuss over nothing as always.

The winds seem to be not too bad at the moment, but we have had some really strong gusts through early afternoon. Lots of really heavy rain showers, all grass verges thoroughly waterlogged, but at least it had the common decency to stay dry long enough to complete the school run lol.

Well it was quite windy in the early hours, with some heavy rain. However, when I got up this a.m, just a light breeze with some sunny spells. I'm glad that the forcasters gave warning, but nothing out of the ordinary here. Maybe it will all change this afternoon.

The weather is lovely here in East London, the sun is shining, blue skies and a light breeze, if it were a little warmer then it would be perfect conditions for a picnic. There was heavy rainfall early in the morning but since 9am the weathers been perfect.

Nothing really happened here, spent yesterday securing garden furniture, making sure all cats were safely in etc etc, not a lot of wind over night and now nice and sunny here, maybe the storm this afternoon will be worse for us ?, hope everyone is safe.

Here in St.Andrews Scotland,its very windy cold and its raining,just another normal say really,not manygolfers out on the Old Course today though

I thought about [Walking In The Rain] however, as [Grace Jones] whirled her way through the high pressured wind tunnel, I was nearly swept of my feet and just about managed to keep my feet on the ground.
With grey skies and a lot of drizzle thereafter,thankfully my coffee was warmer. Any way its just a passing wind expedition!

I spent yesterday battening down the hatches, and taking in a stray cat to protect it, but only very mediocre winds during the night, and just rain/cold this morning, so something of an anti-climax. Weather was worse a week ago here but didn't see any warnings about that.

There has just been shown a picture of a tree blown over in the storm - what in full leaf in March. Please give us some credit

hi i live at the ramsgate haruor and the winds are now hitting ramsgate bad and i saw a shop roof blow off mark

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